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Imaginative! I've always been.. a lot..a lot! 
And picture that I've attached, I found it on Google!! Thank you, Google!! wink emoticon

Hell..Yeah.. I've been posting a few, emotionally distraught pictures, telling how hurt I'm, how fatigue I'm, how tiresome it was!! 

I am quite a strange person to myself.. I talk to myself!! Or I write letters, for people who might be interested in talking to me..just in order to make it an easy task for them to understand me!! Okay! Chances are, they would just cut me off, after knowing how blind or stupid or impractical I'm..!

Dear heart!
Don't keep false hopes!! You're not going to give those letters to anyone! Do you understand that??

So, I was telling that I've created a melancholy around, scary environ I want to get rid of, depressing others too!!
Well.. Can you think of others when you can't even think of yourself??? And I'm in a good spirt now.. So, won't be giving headaches anymore!! I'm not selfi…


You're not the person you were an year ago!! 
You're continuously changing! 
You are changing in many ways!! 
Change is the law of nature, isn't it?? You're growing up! You have turned into a person who is more mature than ever before! You may have gone through a lot! You miss the way you used to be!! But no matter how wonderful you were an year ago, you'll be known for what you are now!! No matter how memorable your past was, you'll be recognized for what you're doing with your life now!! It's okay if you didn't want the type of life you're leading now! It's okay if it is full of miseries! It's okay if you cry all night!! It's okay if you are trying to arrange things in order but none of your efforts seem to be in your favor! Well.. You're changing! You're more aggressive now! You miss that softness in your behavior! You miss that sweetness in your voice! You curse circumstances that changed you!! You're constantly changing…

Act at 16, Avoid Regrets At 60

At 60, I would suggest you not to bring the "Kaash" thing in your life!
You must be trying to deviate from the truth!
You'll be 60, successful.. "What else do I need??" You'll be evade asking yourself if this was the way you actually wanted to move on! Oh yes.. you need nothing! But there will be something missing! Your whole youth was blissful and high on life! But You were diverged!
"Kaash!! I had followed my heart at 16.." You're young, free and full of ideas! You have choices! You can fight for the things that you desire for! I would suggest you not to abandon your decisions! I would suggest you not to convince with an explanation, but to give a reason how and why do you need to stand for something!
You're your favorite wish, and your only hope!
You're young! Act today! Act now! Or you'll be acting never! smile emoticon
-Ridima heart emoticon

"I admit, I'm no more scared of wild animals to attack my house and kill me, Civilized people scare me more!"

"A group of wild animals had attacked her house while she was alone and sleeping! 
One of them fastened on her legs and tried to drag her to the jungle!! But she was rescued by her neighbors!! Beware of the wild animals!!"-told her mother! 
Little kids are often made to sleep by telling them bedtime stories!! 
"Sorry Mother! I'm no more afraid of the wild animals! Civilized people scare me more!!"-said the little girl.. 
"Why so??"-asked mother!! 
"Our pets try to save us when they see us in danger! And the so called sensible people leave us wounded and hurt!!"-explained the girl!
"But animals are dangerous as well.. look at their nails! They can harm anyone!"-Mother made her last attempt!
"Harm.. So can the people around!!"-The girl said and she knew that she had won the argument!!

Just Friends? Or True Friends?

Are you able to trust people you talk to?
Are you able to rely on the people you click selfies with??
I saw you posing with them! I thought, you were very close to them!! Are you able to share your darkest secrets with them?? I found you sitting with them in the most expensive restaurants of the city!! I thought, you were good friends! Are you going to tell him that you have fought with your parents, last night?? Friendship..these days.. is more about uploading pictures on instagram, Facebook!! And I won't deny that I'm one of them too!! Well.. I'm just trying to convince myself that I have friends too!! You do the same! wink emoticon
Friendship..these days..appears to be more about keeping your friend's picture as your WhatsApp dp when you have to apologize!
Well.. I still want to know if you really trust them!! Well.. Unluckily..I'm one of those who never made friends! I may have a very little knowledge about this friendship thing..! I did feel sad while watching fr…