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After-Effects Of Earthquake

And Since the natural calamity has ended,
I would still prefer staying in the fear for a few more days..
I might sound stupid, but I have my own reasons!
We will get back to the normal life in a day or two!
And what next??
A life full of daily shocks and surprises is waiting at the doorstep!
A life where we need to make more important decisions than going outside in a park or a field and thinking of the consequences of earthquake!!
It was a way better experience to hide at some distant place as an escape than fighting with our own insecurities as we do in our daily lives as life doesn't give us a chance to hide in a cave!!
And let me tell you a real experience that I faced today..
I was sitting in the examination hall when I felt trembles,
It took 2-3 seconds to understand that it was an earthquake again!! Everyone started screaming! We were scared!! We were instructed to go outside! We rushed to the open area!
As It was a competitive exam, We didn't know each …


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