Just Friends? Or True Friends?

Are you able to trust people you talk to?
Are you able to rely on the people you click selfies with??
I saw you posing with them! I thought, you were very close to them!! Are you able to share your darkest secrets with them?? I found you sitting with them in the most expensive restaurants of the city!! I thought, you were good friends! Are you going to tell him that you have fought with your parents, last night??
Friendship..these days.. is more about uploading pictures on instagram, Facebook!! And I won't deny that I'm one of them too!! Well.. I'm just trying to convince myself that I have friends too!! You do the same! wink emoticon
Friendship..these days..appears to be more about keeping your friend's picture as your WhatsApp dp when you have to apologize!
Well.. I still want to know if you really trust them!!
Well.. Unluckily..I'm one of those who never made friends! I may have a very little knowledge about this friendship thing..! I did feel sad while watching friends' in group! And then, I wondered if people would remember your birthday if Facebook doesn't remind them!! And then, I thought of a girl.. I know her for years..
and while talking to her, I realized that I don't have a single picture of us!! We're miles apart and haven't met for years! When we became friends, we were way too young to define friendship!! But I can easily trust her for everything! I can tell her anything and she'll trust with no ifs' and buts'.. We don't need to keep our photographs as an evidence of our friendship! We have a very few friends in common, but we are friends! I was in 11th when we last met..! I still remember her in her blue dress that she wore on my birthday when I was in 3rd grade! Memories are pretty enough to live for and die for! heart emoticon You needn't to prove, sometimes!
Friendship..these days..end because they didn't have time for you!
How does this time thing come in between?
we have a communication gap between us.. but we're still the same! Trust matters! wink emoticon


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