Act at 16, Avoid Regrets At 60

At 60, I would suggest you not to bring the "Kaash" thing in your life!
You must be trying to deviate from the truth!
You'll be 60, successful.. "What else do I need??" You'll be evade asking yourself if this was the way you actually wanted to move on! Oh yes.. you need nothing! But there will be something missing! Your whole youth was blissful and high on life! But You were diverged!
"Kaash!! I had followed my heart at 16.."
You're young, free and full of ideas! You have choices! You can fight for the things that you desire for! I would suggest you not to abandon your decisions! I would suggest you not to convince with an explanation, but to give a reason how and why do you need to stand for something!
You're your favorite wish, and your only hope!
You're young! Act today! Act now! Or you'll be acting never! smile emoticon
-Ridima heart emoticon


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