You're not the person you were an year ago!! 
You're continuously changing! 
You are changing in many ways!! 
Change is the law of nature, isn't it?? You're growing up! You have turned into a person who is more mature than ever before! You may have gone through a lot! You miss the way you used to be!! But no matter how wonderful you were an year ago, you'll be known for what you are now!! No matter how memorable your past was, you'll be recognized for what you're doing with your life now!! It's okay if you didn't want the type of life you're leading now! It's okay if it is full of miseries! It's okay if you cry all night!! It's okay if you are trying to arrange things in order but none of your efforts seem to be in your favor! Well.. You're changing! You're more aggressive now! You miss that softness in your behavior! You miss that sweetness in your voice! You curse circumstances that changed you!! You're constantly changing!! You're rude now! You talk harshly to everyone who tries talking to you! You're mean now! Selfish people are the happiest people around, you think!
You have lessened interest in making friends! They were there when you were at your best! Adversity reveals the true faces of people! and you don't remember a single sensible soul who helped when you were in need!!
You have changed! You're changing!
And it'll never stop!!
That's how it goes..Life!
-Ridima heart emoticon


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