Imaginative! I've always been.. a lot..a lot! 
And picture that I've attached, I found it on Google!! Thank you, Google!! wink emoticon

Hell..Yeah.. I've been posting a few, emotionally distraught pictures, telling how hurt I'm, how fatigue I'm, how tiresome it was!! 

I am quite a strange person to myself.. I talk to myself!! Or I write letters, for people who might be interested in talking to me..just in order to make it an easy task for them to understand me!! Okay! Chances are, they would just cut me off, after knowing how blind or stupid or impractical I'm..!

Dear heart!
Don't keep false hopes!! You're not going to give those letters to anyone! Do you understand that??

So, I was telling that I've created a melancholy around, scary environ I want to get rid of, depressing others too!!
Well.. Can you think of others when you can't even think of yourself??? And I'm in a good spirt now.. So, won't be giving headaches anymore!! I'm not selfish!! I wish, I were!!

Did it really help?? Updating posts about someone who isn't even aware of my endless efforts, who isn't having an instagram account, neither he is a regular Facebook user, someone who ran away for my betterment, someone who'll stretch it for no reason, someone who is distancing an invisible yet not so plausible gap between us, someone whose pin drop silence even for a day, kills me inside!

Okay! It's over! And It was 1:15 am! (when I thought of writing about it)
And One should move on!
Like a normal, teenage girl should do.. she'll get many!
Right?? But would it help??
We're way too young!! And 3/4th of life is still remaining! That's the thing! 3/4th of life! And you would never know the reasons behind twists and turns in life! Everything happens for a cause, I think!! But 3/4th.. and you can't predict anything! Who knows, at some point of life, We meet again!

May or may not be, I'll be feeling anything!! Maybe, I won't give a damn! Maybe, I'll still miss my only friend! Maybe, I'll smile! Maybe, I'll just cover my face, trying not to cry!! Maybe, I'll wave my hands to say 'Hello'..Maybe, I won't do anything..!! Maybe, we both will try, for a last chance, even after years from now!! Maybe, we'll just wait for the eternity to bring us together!!

Okay! Being extra-imaginative about life is highly toxic..damages your senses to that extent that rejuvenation isn't possible!! Over-expectations always leave you disheartened!

PS- I hardly sleep!! But I stalk you in my dreams!! wink emotico

I would have told you how much you meant to me! I would have just told that I could have sacrificed all the comforts if you had asked me once!
-Ridima heart emoticon


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