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A Letter to My Parents.

Dear Mummy Papa, Maybe, this letter will make you feel better today, less heavier and more loved. I may have never said but you make perfect parents.
I think, it is the most important thing at the time being, to make you reckon that how much I love and respect you.
You both are the first people I want to tell all the the good as well as bad news to.I have consumed almost 20% of an average life span, and my whole life I have been telling myself that I am not weak and it only now when I am realizing that my strength is because of you both. Maa.. You taught me to let go things that are not meant to be with me forever. You taught me not to hold back because more beautiful things are awaited. You taught me that I don't need another human being to make my life completed. Papa.. You made me learn the theory of being quite and composed in the toughest times, but the at same time, you told me not to be blind. You made me learn the necessity of selflessness, but simultaneously, you told m…