"I admit, I'm no more scared of wild animals to attack my house and kill me, Civilized people scare me more!"

"A group of wild animals had attacked her house while she was alone and sleeping! 
One of them fastened on her legs and tried to drag her to the jungle!! But she was rescued by her neighbors!! Beware of the wild animals!!"-told her mother! 
Little kids are often made to sleep by telling them bedtime stories!! 
"Sorry Mother! I'm no more afraid of the wild animals! Civilized people scare me more!!"-said the little girl.. 
"Why so??"-asked mother!! 
"Our pets try to save us when they see us in danger! And the so called sensible people leave us wounded and hurt!!"-explained the girl!
"But animals are dangerous as well.. look at their nails! They can harm anyone!"-Mother made her last attempt!
"Harm.. So can the people around!!"-The girl said and she knew that she had won the argument!!


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