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She..a Nameless Girl, 18, Lying under the blanket, trying hard to acutify the pain.. She was feeling absolutely nothing.. "No matter if I don't mean anything to the world..I mean the world to Him.."-She used to think till last night..

With him, She discovered Post-millennial world and herself.. She offset the dangers of the routes to arrive at her destination.. Her Destination was Him.. She never knew that something else also lies between Happiness and Grief, "The Priorities"..

She loved so hard that Her feelings Couldn't fade.. She helped him when he was in need.. Little did he know, She sold everything she had..
She slept for an hour or two.. She was awake but she didn't feel like coming out of the bed.. She was wondering how to stop the Sun rays entering her room..they were trying to bring her back from her silly thoughts which was a kind of disturbance for the girl who was fighting with her own life.. She knew, Memories had a deadline.. …