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Random thought.

Sometimes I am so damn tired being indeterminable, that I turn into a little predictable person just to tell them that I have changed.
I may feel that I'd had fallen for a wrong person, or I should have waited for Mr. Right, or it was too early to get my heart broken, or love is a prevarication. Nights be like, terribly instigating.
Oh well. I don't say "nothing" when I am asked what I am thinking about. I, sadly, tell them that I think of you. I still do. "Why relationships fail?"
There are a thousand reasons behind every unsuccessful relationship. In better terms, a thousand excuses that convince you to the fullest, but kills you at the deepest. You gave your 100% to your relationship, but it didn't work out. You tried to win over the adverse circumstances, but you miserably failed.
It takes several nights to ponder why and when you went wrong.
The real thing is, when two people start on a happy note, they set so tough relationship goals that they…

Reasons why you must befriend with someone who think a lot.

Thinking is a full time job, and we're still unemployed. We all think a lot, don't we?
I hadn't been planning to write specifically about thinkers, but then, the universe is the wittiest strategist, right?
We all have a person in our life who thinks more than we can think of thinking. He is not a mind reader, but he can be a strong conversationalist and quite a keen observer. Talk to him once and he can unfold all the closed chapters of your life.
I have developed a kind of liking for the people like them.
Although the reasons why you must befriend with someone who think a lot, is too long to sum up, but a few of them are as follows:-1) They understand life a bit more than you do.
Well, they actually do. Look into their eyes, and you can see the purest and the most tranquil form of you, looking back at you, with a sense of chivalry and confidence. 2) Your secrets are never revealed.
Confine your dark of the darkest secret, and forget the key. They're never judgemen…

Who am I? Why am I? Am I just a name?

Who am I? Why am I? Am I just a name?
People ask questions like "Who are you?" "What are your qualities?" "What do you do?" "What do you aim to be?" Have you ever imagined how big liars you actually are!
You have never given apt answers to any of the questions above.
You tell your name when you are enquired about your identity. You are more than just a name.
You tell your acquired qualities when you are supposed to tell your real qualities. Real qualities like you are a good listener, you aren't judgemental and many more.
You tell your profession when you are asked about what you do.
What you really do is, you breath, you see, you hear, you taste, you live, you die.
You must have answered doctor, engineer, architect when your goal in life is to be revealed out, you are a liar again.
You want to be happy, just happy.
-Ridima Kamal


There is always someone who loves you more than you love yourself. He is someone who loves you the way you wanted someone else to love you. You too love him, love him from the eternity to back, but you're scared. Scared to love again, scared to feel complete again. He made you feel so complete, he loved the whole of you, he loved every bit of your soul. And now, when he is no more a part of your life, the other person who is rigorously attempting to complete you, seems less. You feel impure and dirty, you feel like you're cheating yourself.
Stop suffocating.
No love is enough.
You want more and more.
Remember my dear,
after every seven years,
all the cells are replaced with new ones.
There will be a new you, untouched and pure.
You've all the rights to love for one more time.I am broken thrice, and I, blindly, believe in love. Be it be consolation, or faith. If love knocks at my door, I will not stop him to enter.


1. When you are sick and tired being sick and tired of everything, you collapse and nobody unfolds his arms to console you.
2. Sometimes, to quit is the only wise thing you can do.
3. You forget the pain but you never forget the person and situation who made you feel terribly odd.
4. In the long run, no friend is left beside you, and the pillow, yes, the one with tear spots, becomes your best friend.
5. The things that you want the most, are things you are best without. No person come forth and tell you not to crave for them. And later, you are considered fool.
6. You can be friends with the person you are madly in love with, on terms of your struggles and hardship, because he is not able to let you go.
7. Dreams shatter and fantasies fade, and you have to settle for little things.
8. Nothing like" better" exist.
So, the next time, when somebody says that you deserve better, you must know how to deal with it.
9. Overdose and deficiency of love weaken you to the core.