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Senescence "The Stuff You Write in your Diary, is Good to be Read after Retirements!! Such mature thoughts..hahaha.. I can't afford wasting my whole youth,  Reading them!"
"Well.. That's Brilliant.. Isn't it?
Nothing could be
more pleasing for Me if you spend your precious
quality time in Reading my so-called Worthless
thoughts..that too, after Retirements..!
But Make
Sure, You're not Going to Regret afterwards, for
not reading them earlier!
I warn you not to think that
Your Life Would be Completely Different if you
understood life before it ended..
At 60, When People Love Penning down their own
Story, you'll read mine.. I Guess, that won't be a
total waste.. Right??
Because I Would have Preferred Reading my own
Diary in senescence,

to Taste my life one more time!" :)