There is always someone who loves you more than you love yourself. He is someone who loves you the way you wanted someone else to love you. You too love him, love him from the eternity to back, but you're scared. Scared to love again, scared to feel complete again. He made you feel so complete, he loved the whole of you, he loved every bit of your soul. And now, when he is no more a part of your life, the other person who is rigorously attempting to complete you, seems less. You feel impure and dirty, you feel like you're cheating yourself.
Stop suffocating.
No love is enough.
You want more and more.
Remember my dear,
after every seven years,
all the cells are replaced with new ones.
There will be a new you, untouched and pure.
You've all the rights to love for one more time.

I am broken thrice, and I, blindly, believe in love. Be it be consolation, or faith. If love knocks at my door, I will not stop him to enter.


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