Who am I? Why am I? Am I just a name?

Who am I? Why am I? Am I just a name?
People ask questions like "Who are you?" "What are your qualities?" "What do you do?" "What do you aim to be?" Have you ever imagined how big liars you actually are!
You have never given apt answers to any of the questions above.
You tell your name when you are enquired about your identity. You are more than just a name.
You tell your acquired qualities when you are supposed to tell your real qualities. Real qualities like you are a good listener, you aren't judgemental and many more.
You tell your profession when you are asked about what you do.
What you really do is, you breath, you see, you hear, you taste, you live, you die.
You must have answered doctor, engineer, architect when your goal in life is to be revealed out, you are a liar again.
You want to be happy, just happy.
-Ridima Kamal


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