Random thought.

Sometimes I am so damn tired being indeterminable, that I turn into a little predictable person just to tell them that I have changed.
I may feel that I'd had fallen for a wrong person, or I should have waited for Mr. Right, or it was too early to get my heart broken, or love is a prevarication. Nights be like, terribly instigating.
Oh well. I don't say "nothing" when I am asked what I am thinking about. I, sadly, tell them that I think of you. I still do.

"Why relationships fail?"
There are a thousand reasons behind every unsuccessful relationship. In better terms, a thousand excuses that convince you to the fullest, but kills you at the deepest. You gave your 100% to your relationship, but it didn't work out. You tried to win over the adverse circumstances, but you miserably failed.
It takes several nights to ponder why and when you went wrong.
The real thing is, when two people start on a happy note, they set so tough relationship goals that they, themselves, cannot fit into them.
The most fierce war sees the coldest fall.
If one of them wants to be friends with other, after falling out of relationship, the other persuades to stay in love.
If one of the two, tries to rearrange things and restarts, one withdraws his involvement.
Well. This is a truth that you cannot be friends with someone you once loved, or you still love.
Sometimes, both of them totally forget the moments they once cherished,
they act so much like strangers that it becomes hard to believe that they were, in love, long back.

Well. Well. Well.
I couldn't be writing more. This was just a random thought. You may add your opinion. I couldn't think of anything else.
This can not be upto the mark, but this is something that needed to come out.
Sigh of relief! ☺
Bye! See you all in my next blog. ☺


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