1. When you are sick and tired being sick and tired of everything, you collapse and nobody unfolds his arms to console you.
2. Sometimes, to quit is the only wise thing you can do.
3. You forget the pain but you never forget the person and situation who made you feel terribly odd.
4. In the long run, no friend is left beside you, and the pillow, yes, the one with tear spots, becomes your best friend.
5. The things that you want the most, are things you are best without. No person come forth and tell you not to crave for them. And later, you are considered fool.
6. You can be friends with the person you are madly in love with, on terms of your struggles and hardship, because he is not able to let you go.
7. Dreams shatter and fantasies fade, and you have to settle for little things.
8. Nothing like" better" exist.
So, the next time, when somebody says that you deserve better, you must know how to deal with it.
9. Overdose and deficiency of love weaken you to the core.
10. At the end, you no longer feel yourself.


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