Life- A Train Journey

I'm sitting at the window side and the train is moving to its destination!! 
And because I have nothing to do and I'm done with the reading stuff, my head is brimming with ideas!! When the head cooks plans, it becomes a compulsion to serve them in a plate!! 
And all the plans that you make, are supposed to be implemented in a good way!!!
So, as I told you, the train is moving to its destination..
Everything that starts moving with a uniform or a non-uniform velocity, has a purpose!! Sometimes purposes are unraveled..or say, they often are!!
Let's relate it with your life!! 
Your life journey doesn't start when you're born!! It begins when you start thinking about the life in a serious manner!!!
And If you think that you're aimless as a person and if you think that your life is a total waste because the path you have chosen is leading you nowhere, or because you don't know what to do in your life,
consider your life a train and consider yourself the driver who runs the train!! 
Now think.. The train knows no path.. The driver is given the map and he leads the train to the prescribed place!
Life leads you nowhere.. 
The person who actually knows the way to success is you! smile em
The train stops at halts for small intervals, at stations for long intervals, it slows down, it moves faster, but at the end, it reaches the place where it has to!! And knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, you're the one who ran the train!!


  1. Di you rocked it
    Your words are too good.And wait .... where is this train supposed to go..... wondering??


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