After-Effects Of Earthquake

And Since the natural calamity has ended,
I would still prefer staying in the fear for a few more days..
I might sound stupid, but I have my own reasons!
We will get back to the normal life in a day or two!
And what next??
A life full of daily shocks and surprises is waiting at the doorstep!
A life where we need to make more important decisions than going outside in a park or a field and thinking of the consequences of earthquake!!
It was a way better experience to hide at some distant place as an escape than fighting with our own insecurities as we do in our daily lives as life doesn't give us a chance to hide in a cave!!

And let me tell you a real experience that I faced today..
I was sitting in the examination hall when I felt trembles,
It took 2-3 seconds to understand that it was an earthquake again!! Everyone started screaming! We were scared!! We were instructed to go outside! We rushed to the open area!
As It was a competitive exam, We didn't know each other!! And there were Hindus, Muslims, Christians as well as Sikhs!!
Holding hands with strangers,
consoling them that everything is alright,
telling them not to panic,
Convincing them that we're not alone,
And Smiling together when It was all over!!
It was a great experience seeing all the four religions Praying altogether!!
We're not different..!!
Divided by castes, creeds, regions and religions,
United by earthquakes!!
Give me a single reason why should I need to go back to my normal life!!


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